Why Bungalows are a Good Investment in Canada

They just don’t build them like they used to.

I’m talking about bungalows. Between the 1950s and 70s, these single-story abodes were one of the most popular new styles of housing in Canada. Many older neighbourhoods are exclusively populated by large lots with modest-sized, rectangular bungalows.

However, these houses have lost favour with modern builders. These days, it’s all about square footage, and building lots keep getting smaller and smaller. The present-day equivalent to those old 60s-era neighbourhoods are instead lined with rows of identical two-story townhouses.

But bungalows are still around, and they’re quietly growing in value. If you look past the dated style, there are major benefits to owning a bungalow in Canada today.

Canada’s Aging Population

Canada’s population is aging rapidly, and the way things are going, there won’t be enough senior housing to accommodate the growing demand. That means more and more elderly adults will be downsizing and moving in with their younger family members rather than moving into a retirement home.

For families living with seniors, bungalows are a very appealing housing option. Since everything is on one floor, and there are no stairs to navigate (aside from the basement), bungalows are much safer and more convenient for people with reduced mobility. Everyone in the family can comfortably access the entire living area.

Bungalows are also great for seniors who want to downsize and live independently. The house is much easier to clean than and maintain than a two-story home. There’s no lugging the vacuum up and down the stairs, and less square footage to maintain overall. Cleaning the windows and gutters is far less hazardous on a bungalow.

Homes with two stories are appealing to young families, but Canada’s population is headed in the opposite direction. Families are getting smaller, and many couples are opting against having kids at all. As current trends continue, bungalows are likely to become a highly desired commodity in the housing market.

Easy Renovation

Canadians are hardcore house flippers. Brand-new houses are flying off the market, but so are older homes in need of repair. For those with the time, money and expertise to get it done, renovating homes for resale is a lucrative business.

Bungalows are a renovator’s dream. The layout and construction means they’re easier to alter than two-story homes. Since they’re usually situated on bigger lots, you can add extensions and outbuildings like garages. Converting a bungalow into an open-concept home is also far less troublesome than it is with a second-story floating overhead.

Save on Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling are major expenses in Canada, and the cost of electricity is higher than ever. Bungalows cost less to keep warm in the winter and cool off in the summer. It’s much easier to maintain a consistent temperature in a single-story house, with the insulated attic right overhead and fewer walls to seal and insulate.