Decorating Tips for Millennials: Style and Utility on a Budget

Every generation has its own sense of style and that’s perfectly understandable. Therefore, outside of the most basic aspects of design, what seems like a home for one person may seem too staid or odd for another.

Millennials are not as likely to buy houses as their predecessors, but that doesn’t mean they can’t exercise their taste and creativity wherever it is that they call home. Money can be especially tight for young people these days, but 70% of all millennials identified home decor as being of importance to them. Here are some tips that can add style without great expenditure.

Avoid Clutter

Millenials generally like living minimally and not just because of cost. It’s sometimes a reaction to having grown up in homes filled with unnecessary materialism. A clutter-free environment is much easier to keep tidy (showing off that you make the time and effort to maintain a clean living space) and also healthier.

Make Optimum Use of Space

Most millennials start off in a fairly small living space. A great way to maximize the square footage available is to purchase products that also offer a place to store things. Storage benches and ottomans are both excellent for this purpose and usually quite inexpensive. You can also find fairly low-cost beds with built-in storage options.

Inexpensive Art

Art can be a great investment, but most millennials don’t have that kind of money available. However, if you’re willing to put in the time, stylish art pieces can be found for relatively little money online or via secondhand stores and flea markets.

Bold Colors for Walls

Another advantage with minimalism is that there is usually a good amount of wall space visible. Being bold and creative when choosing either paint or wallpaper can add a definite sense of personal style and doesn’t need to break the bank.