5 Inexpensive Ways to Update an Old Couch – No Sewing Required

The couch is the centerpiece of the living room. Even if you don’t spent much time lounging around, the couch still has a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space.

Unfortunately, couches are expensive. Buying a new couch isn’t always an option, and most people don’t have the skills to re-upholster one themselves. Fortunately, the internet has answers! Give your old couch a fresh look with one of these no-sew DIY projects

1. Fabric Paint

Normally, paint and upholstery aren’t a good mix. But there are kinds of paint specially designed to adhere to fabric, and painting an old couch can completely transform its look.

You have three main choices for paint: fabric paint, chalk paint, or latex paint mixed with a fabric textile medium. Most of the above are available at large craft stores. It’s best to choose a matte paint (unless you want a shiny, faux-leather look).

Simply spray the sofa with a bit of water, let it soak in, and start painting! Paint with the grain of the fabric. You’ll likely need at least two coats of paint.

As long as you use the right kind of paint, the fabric shouldn’t become hard and crunchy. However, it may not be as soft as it was before. People often compare it to outdoor canvas or soft leather.

2. No-Sew Slipcover

Slipcovers have been around for a while, but they’re still a great solution if you just can’t stand the colour of your old couch. You can buy slipcovers at a home design store, but they can run up to a few hundred dollars. Instead, you can turn a large sheet of fabric, like a drop cloth, into a slipcover with little effort.

This tutorial uses an ordinary painter’s drop cloth to create a clean and refreshing appearance.

3. Nail head Trim

Leather and fabric couches often use decorative nail heads to help hold the upholstery in place. You can replicate this elegant look by adding nails to an old couch.

You have the choice of doing this the old-fashioned way, with a hammer and nails, or purchasing strips of decorative trim at a craft store.

4. New Legs

Couch skirts have (thankfully) gone out of style. Now, we like to show some leg. So why do most couches come with boring, rounded wooden legs? Swap them out for something more interesting, like a squared, tapered, or metal leg, to spice things up. Here’s a quick tutorial on replacing legs on a couch.

5. Accessoize

The simplest way to give an old couch new life is to add throw pillows or blankets. A splash of colour can change the whole look of a couch in seconds. Choose a constrasting colour that works well as an accent in the room.

You can mix and match different shapes and patterns so long as the accessories incorporate the accent colour.

Do You Really Need To Replace Your Old Windows?

New windows can boost curb appeal and energy efficiency, but your money is often better spent on repairs.

Windows are a big deal when it comes to home renovation. They’re considered a high-value upgrade, improving both the curb appeal and energy efficiency of your home. Plus, a new set of windows can also help give you peace and quiet, and even cut the time you spend cleaning.

But windows aren’t cheap. According to Consumer Reports, a full replacement can run you anywhere from $8000 to $24,000, depending on the size of your home and the quality of your new windows. And though they might boost energy efficiency, it can take decades for those cost savings to catch up with the amount you spent on the renovation.

In many cases, fixing your windows is a far better investment than replacing them. But how do you know when to repair and when to replace? It depends on the extent of the damage.


When the seal around a window wears down, it causes you to lose heat during the winter and let warm air in during the summer. That bumps up your heating and cooling costs.

If drafts are your only issue, you can usually fix the problem without much trouble. Fill in cracks in the caulking using a caulk gun, sealing the gaps between the window molding and exterior of your house, and around the window trim inside. You can also replace worn-out weatherstripping on the exterior.


Drafty windows don’t do much damage, but moisture is another story. Moisture can cause the paint around the window to peel, crate streaks on the walls, and rot the wooden window frame over time.

If you can get to the problem before it damages the frame, you may not have to replace the window. But if the wood is rotting or saturated with moisture, you may need to have it re-installed and re-sealed. Try pushing the end of a flat-blade screwdriver into the frame – if you can push it in easily, there’s water damage.


5 Quickest Ways to Boost Curb Appeal on a Budget

curb appeal

Planning to sell your home this summer? Here’s how you can do to boost curb appeal on a budget.

Curb Appeal Matters.

The hottest real estate listings don’t happen by accident. They often involve picture-perfect staging, top-notch photography, and a stunning virtual home tour.

But before you get that far, take a step back and focus on first impressions. What’s the first thing people see when they visit your listing?

Answer: the front of your home.

People judge a home by it’s cover, whether you like it or not. That’s why curb appeal matters. Just about any potential buyer will scope out your front yard before they even think of stepping through the front door.

Installing new windows, re-shingling your roof, and changing up your siding are all great ways to boost curb appeal. Unfortunately, those fixes take time – and money. If you want to boost curb appeal on a budget, you have to get creative.

Here are some budget curb appeal tips that can help you catch the attention of browsers and drive-bys.

5. Power Wash

Since we see it every day, we don’t often notice dirt and grime building up on the side of our homes. But trust me – your potential buyers will. Many people go years without scrubbing their siding, which leaves it looking cheap and faded.

That’s why blasting your siding with a power washer can be just as effective as a high-cost replacement. While you’re at it, you can point the nozzle at your walkways and patios to wash away inground moss and dirt.

If you don’t own a power washer, you can easily rent one from a hoem store or garden centre.

4. Plant Flowers

Flowers are one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to win over potential buyers. It doesn’t need to be expensive – a few well-placed gardens and potted plants are effective. Visit your local nursery to find out which plants thrive in your area.

Don’t have a green thumb? No worries! You can make a big impression with premade hanging baskets and urns. All you need to do is trim and water them.

3. Wash Those Windows

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The eyes are the window to the soul?”

Well, it’s through your windows that potential buyers get their first peek at the soul of your home. Make sure they have a squeaky-clean view.

2. Upgrade Front Door

Is it welcoming? Does it look safe and secure? The front door is a factor in the overall feel of your home. But if you can’t afford to replace your it, you can make the best of what you have.

You can spruce up your entrance with a fresh coat of paint, new hardware, and a clean doormat. Choose colours and materials that fit your home’s overall style. It’s a subtle change, but it works.

1. Prepare Front Porch

A cozy front porch can be the final push buyers need to schedule a viewing. And if you’ve already followed the previous tips, it’s already poised to succeed.

Make the most of your front porch by cleaning up the deck (that power washer can come in handy), arranging some comfortable porch furniture, and keeping the porch light on at night.