How to Hang Christmas Decorations Without Damaging Your Walls

Everyone loves decorating their home for the holidays, but some people worry about damaging their walls in the process. There is justification for this fear; rushed and haphazard hanging of Christmas trimmings can  wreak havoc on these surfaces. But how can you have a truly festive look without garlands and Christmas stockings?

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure that this does not happen and your walls still look just as fresh and appealing once the decorations come down.

Avoid Shortcuts

Christmas can be an incredibly busy time of year and people are often running late with their decorating. However, tempting as it may be to use tape and nails, you will regret that decision once you see the effect they can have on walls. Tape can leave damage and residue when you peel it off and nails, of course, make holes. If you must use nails, put up the decorations in spots where there are already holes, such as areas where pictures are on display.

A better alternative to tape and nails is ribbon. Pick a Christmas colour, like red or green, and use the ribbon to secure the decorations. Twine and clear fishing line are also good choices.

Instead of regular tape, try painter’s tape. It’s quite secure and will not damage walls or leave behind a sticky residue when removed.

Binder Clips

You know those binder clips in your desk drawers at work? These are excellent for securing things like Christmas lights. Best of all, they do it securely and do not leave a mark.

Curtain Rods

As with our tip above about using pre-existing nail holes, why not take advantage of supports you already have up, like curtain rods? You can hang light decorations from these with ease.

Command Hooks

You may already use these for general purposes, but they are also great for Christmas and will leave the walls looking great.