Get a Glimpse of the Past with These Time Capsule Homes

Some design trends are timeless. Others, not so much.

Like fashion and architecture, interior design trends come and go as people move from place to place. We take our favourite antiques and furniture with us when we move, but we leave much of our old style behind. And when a new family takes up residence, they change things like wall colour, flooring, appliances, and lighting to suit their personal preferences.

Fewer people are choosing to stay in one home for their entire lives. More frequent moves mean more frequent style changes. Because of this, it’s becoming rarer and rarer to see a home that preserves old interior design trends.

That’s why capsule homes are amazing. A capsule home is a house that preserved the original design elements intact for decades, from the fixtures and amenities to the furnishings and décor. The result? Walking through the front door feels like travelling back in time.

Take this untouched 70’s home. On the outside, it’s a lovely suburban house on a big lot. Prime real estate, right? But peel back the curtain and you’ll find a wonderland of bygone design trends. From the lime and lemon-colored kitchen to the candy-coated bathroom, the home showcases the spirit of the 70’s in a way you thought you’d only see on TV.

This example, from Toronto, embodies an earlier era. From the front entrance to the master bedroom, the entire home is perfectly on-point with the pastel-soaked 1960’s. Pink, purple and baby blue dominate top to bottom, except for the basement, which is sheathed in trusty wood panelling.

There’s something remarkable about how perfectly these homes replicate scenes from the past. Set designers can pull off a convincing copy for movies and television, but this is the genuine article.

Would I live in a house with pink and orange walls? No. But I would hate to see homes like be transformed into just another suburban show home. I’m thankful that a select group of buyers are willing to pay more for a house with a vintage look in hope of preserving it for future generations.