Favourite And Interesting Homes

I’ve always had a knack for cool modern homes, especially really contemporary ones.  I just think that a home made from glass and dark material really makes it feel like a museum.  And who doesn’t want to live in a museum!?  I also love the look of really traditional and symmetrical homes.  Typically, the inside of the house usually reflects the outside, but it is truly a wonder when the inside looks nothing like the outside.


Imagine a very traditional home, made from beige and grey stone.  Then on the inside, everything is made from glass or frosted glass, and the walls are painted a cool blue.  The doors are half made from wood and half from glass.   All the appliances are stainless steal and then counter top has a type of finishing on it that makes it look like steal.  How amazing would that house be?  You get best of both worlds!