Tiki Huts! Learning more about these amazing structures!

Tiki culture is really quite interesting. There are a lot of different types of tiki design – tiki culture in the united stated began to develop sometime in the late 30’s- southern states with warmer climates saw a couple different tiki themed restaurants and bars open up during this time. It was predominately the mid 50’s when the phenomena truly began. With the return of soldiers during the second world war who fought in the pacific- images of the islands and the tropical southern seas fueled the imagination of the continent. People like James Mitchener wrote stories about the region and this helped propel interest in the pacific and it’s people. The south pacific is an interesting place- the seas are really warm and are prone to tropical fishes. In areas with sandy bottoms and very hot temperatures- microorganisms find it hard to grow. This allows the tropical water to be clear- great for suring, snorkling, fishing, or even just swimming. You can find resorts in these areas with bungalows laying on stilts over the cool evening ocean. Popular amongst wealthy travellers and people on their honeymoon are areas like Bora Bora, Micronesia, The Solomon Islands, and of course Iwo Jima. These are the type of tropical islands that are depicted in Robinson Crusoe, and Lord of the Flies.

Now not all islands are alike – each island has its own respective unique culture that must be respected. Bungalows are the most common form of dwelling for many of these islands. If you ever have a chance to talk to a native, they will be happy to spend some time explaining their unique floor plans for a bungalow because of how it’s shaped their culture and life. Now taking this back and looking at it from a functional perspective is always a good idea. Most of these traditional homes are placed on stilts in the jungle- when you live in a tropical rain forest you want to be as far away from the rain forest floor as possible. Bright insects, snakes, and spiders live there and they tend to be really poisonous.

After traveling in these topical climates I made an effort to speak with the best quality home builders in Ontario about making one of these style homes on my property – of course our climate would not allow it, so I just have to dream about it I guess.


Favourite And Interesting Homes

I’ve always had a knack for cool modern homes, especially really contemporary ones.  I just think that a home made from glass and dark material really makes it feel like a museum.  And who doesn’t want to live in a museum!?  I also love the look of really traditional and symmetrical homes.  Typically, the inside of the house usually reflects the outside, but it is truly a wonder when the inside looks nothing like the outside.


Imagine a very traditional home, made from beige and grey stone.  Then on the inside, everything is made from glass or frosted glass, and the walls are painted a cool blue.  The doors are half made from wood and half from glass.   All the appliances are stainless steal and then counter top has a type of finishing on it that makes it look like steal.  How amazing would that house be?  You get best of both worlds!