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Traveling in Italy is similar to traveling in other European countries rich in heritage and artistry. You will want to go and see everything during your journey to this wonderous country, but without a well thought out plan and some Italy travel tips, you may find the first of the Italy travel tips is very similar to all other tips you may receive when you are planning on visiting a foreign country – you should always make While many people will tell you that in the larger cities of a foreign country, you will happen across many people who speak English, if you choose to venture outside of the boundaries of these metropolises, you will be hard-pressed to find even a small percentage who are comfortable with English. For this reason, you should try to learn a few simple Italian phrases and terms or at least carry a decent pocket-sized translation guide with your Italy travel tips.

Italy is a surprisingly large country full of a huge variety of different places to go and see. The three major cities – Rome, Florence and Venice are arranged so that you simply cannot see all three if you are only planning on spending a few days in Italy, so make sure you use some Italy travel tips to see the best places first, as each has something different to offer. In each of the major cities, always remember Italy travel tips and be on the lookout for pickpockets, as they flourish in tourist-heavy locales and areas so tightly packed with people that you cannot help but bump into them. Also, be sure to consider Italy travel tips when you are planning to travel from city to city.

Italy to Romania

Bucharest Romania Travel Tips

Romania’s capital city of Bucharest is a destination which has been forgotten by many who travel to the continent of Europe. Unfortunately, those who visit the countries in Europe only visit popular destinations like France, Britain and Italy – thereby missing out on the beauty and splendour which Bucharest, Romania travel tips can provide. By following Bucharest, Romania travel tips, you will be whisked away to a wonderful city full of beauty, nearly unmatched by even some of the most popular destinations in Europe. Should you choose to enjoy the help allotted to you thorough Bucharest, Romania travel tips, you will find that a vacation to Romania is practically as easy as boarding an aeroplane and flying to their major airport.

Bucharest, Romania travel tips begin by requiring you to either purchase a comprehensive Romanian translation guide or by learning a few key Romanian phrases and words before you set off on your travels. Since the aeroplane ride is long, you can even use your time aboard to enhance your Romanian skills. Secondly, Bucharest, Romania travel tips recommends that you should plan out most of your trip before your plane touches European soil, as Romania is a fairly large Another of the Bucharest, Romania travel tips which many people tend to overlook is that European countries use a different amount of voltage than you find in America, so you will have to purchase a wall socket adapter if you want your electrical items to work properly.

Should Remember to Keep Your Wallet Safe

Also, when following Bucharest, Romania travel tips you should remember to keep your wallet safe on you at all times. Romania is a slightly poorer country than France or Britain, so there will be many more areas which are home to pickpockets. It is important to remember to try and act as natural as possible and not give yourself away too much as a tourist. Furthermore, Bucharest, Romania travel tips also recommends that you should tie a rubber band around your wallet if you carry it in your pocket to make it much more difficult for pickpockets to remove.…

World Travel Tips | An Essential Guide to Travel Around The World

World Travel-Thailand

Why? Amazing food (that is really cheap!), very friendly people, wonderful history and culture, and such amazing terrains.

The top activities I highly recommend in Thailand are the following:

Taking a tour of the ancient capitals of Thailand – see the exquisite architecture and learn the history of the land by taking a tour of the old capitals of the country. It is breathtaking to see and experience.

Cooking tours – Thai food is popular around the world and the country is getting very well known for culinary travels where you can learn not only about the food, but also the culture of this magnificent country.

Elephant rides – visit one of the many reserves in the country, especially up north in Chiang Mai, and you will experience the joy of seeing elephants performing many tricks and get to ride one of the beautiful creatures. It wasn’t as comfortable of a ride as I thought it was going to be, but still wonderful nonetheless.

Chiang Rai – see where Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos all meet and take a short boat cruise over to Laos where you can get your passport stamped as an official visit!

World Travel-Thailand


If you are looking to experience the culture and flare of the capital of Thailand Bangkok is a must to see. There you can experience cheap, but great food, Thai massages (wow!), and for me getting beautiful clothes hand tailored for very cheap! Bangkok also has beautiful palaces and sites to see as well so don’t leave without spending a couple of days there.

The islands – the most well known ones (Phuket and Ko Samet) are  visited by many tourists. I ended up visiting Ko Samui (an off the beaten path sort of island) and was not disappointed. It had pristine water, great weather, and good access to the beaches. You will not want to miss out on spending some quality time in the water here If you are looking to go to Asia for an upcoming vacation Thailand is one of the places You won’t be disappointed!

World Trips - Scuba Diving

World Trips – Scuba Diving

Are you looking for places to travel that have the best scuba diving in the world? Well, look no further. The top 5 places to scuba dive according to multiple reports are the following (in no particular order)

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – rising above the Great Barrier Reef, Heron Island is a coral island that is wonderful for scuba diving. It has thousands of species of fish and is one of the best in the world. It is also an out of the way area without too much industry or tourists, which is perfect if you are looking for some rest and relaxation when you come up for a break.

Fiji’s Beqa Lagoon – an hour’s trip from the main island of Viti Levu, Benq Lagoon is a world-class destination for scuba diving. Visit during the winter months in Fiji of May through October and you will really enjoy the unique underwater experience here. Daily boats leave from Viti Levu to this lagoon which provides divers with the opportunity to take two dives a day. It is a great experience and one that you will never forget especially with the great undersea photography.

The Cayman Islands

Known as the King of all Caribbean diving sites (which is a feat since there are so many) the Cayman Islands offers great weather pretty much year-round, secluded and well-known diving locations, and the water is warm and clear. It suits the needs of diver extremely well and is, therefore, one of the hot spots in the Caribbean for diving.

Egypt’s Ras Mohammed National Park in the Red Sea – best explored in the summer months from May to August, the Red Sea has six separate areas for scuba diving. Each offers different exhilarating opportunities to explore underwater animals such as shark, stingray, and grouper. It also has caves and great underwater pictures. It is a challenging area to dive, but well worth it. It is known for its very clear water and gorgeous reefs, Cozumel is very inviting for the world traveler.

If you are looking for world trips for …