Do I Have to Stick With One Therapist For My Massages?

Massage Therapy

Due to the varying training, background, experience, and personality of massage therapists, you will discover that they are not the same. There are some you will get a connection from your first appointment and others who you don’t seem to agree with. To gain maximum benefits of massage therapy, it is important to work with a person that makes you comfortable. a person that you will be confident that even when asleep, he will deliver beyond your expectations.

Here are some reasons why you may need to change your massage therapist:

If He Behaves Inappropriately

When lying on the massage table, your rights to privacy and dignity should never get compromised. The massage therapist should not be in the room when you are removing your clothes. When coming back, he should ask if you have covered yourself using the provided linen before opening the door.

When massaging you, the therapist should ensure that the draping remains in place, not only for decency but to keep you warm as well. If this right is violated, you have a right to terminate the session, dress up and leave the massage room. You can choose to go to another spa for your next appointment or ask for another therapist in such cases.

If You are Not Getting Value for Your Money

When going for a massage, you have some expectations and goals you want to reach through it. If the massage therapist is not able to tailor the massage to meet those needs even after letting him know, you don’t have to stick with him. You have paid for the services and, therefore, deserve to get the best.

Missed Connection

Just like retail shops, it is possible that no matter how good the massage therapist is, there is no connection between you. it could be his personality, modalities or even sense of style that puts you off every time you go to the spa. Massage therapists are from varying backgrounds, have varying treatment styles, and have different school of thoughts. But, in the real sense, this does not mean that one is better than the other.

You can choose to look for a therapist for your comfort regardless of how good the current massage therapist is. Just like in other fields, there is another client who’d rather postpone the massage if the therapist you want to replace is unavailable.

When You Relocate

If you get a new job in another location, or you get married and have to move, it can be impossible to go to your favorite spa for a massage. This will force you to look for another massage therapist in your new neighborhood which can be hard.

You can ask for recommendations from your previous massage therapist, people living in your new neighborhood or check online. This way, you will be able to get a good massage therapist who’ll offer the same or even better services as the previous therapist.

There are times when the opposite happens and your current massage therapist decides to move from his current location. If the distance is too much, you can choose to get a new massage therapist who is strategically located.


Regardless of your reason for making the change, getting a therapist who will offer more benefits is a great move. Just like any other person in business, massage therapists know that they cannot please everybody that needs a massage. Some will find him very good and others who’d rather look for services elsewhere.

Getting your massage in a place where you are comfortable and where you perfectly connect with the therapist will give you maximum benefits at all times such as…

Travel Tips for All the Household on Lanzarote Holidays

Image result for Travel Tips for All the Household on Lanzarote Holidays

Whether you’re wanting to unwind and also loosen up or take advantage of the remarkable surroundings as well as climate, there’s plenty to do on Lanzarote vacations. To ensure you make the most of your time on this Spanish island, we’ve assembled a list of travel suggestions ideal for the whole family members.

One of the most effective features of sunlight holidays is hanging around on the beach, as well as Lanzarote has some pristine coastline for you to discover. The Canary Islands is an archipelago comprised of 9 significant islands, every one of which are known for their appeal and also one-of-a-kind formations. Actually, the easternmost of the islands is renowned for its fantastic beaches.

If you’re into diving, head for Puerto del Carmen which has clear, tranquil water and also a range of diverse undersea life. Windsurfers will certainly take pleasure in Costa Teguise, or, for something a little various, take a look at the black sand coastline of Arrieta.

Holidays in Lanzarote offer no scarcity of tasks and also areas to visit, as well as you ought to pack strong, comfortable shoes for sightseeing, as much of the surface was ravaged by violent volcanic eruptions in the 18th century. Among one of the most prominent spots is the Timanfaya National Park, or else called the Montanas del Fuego (or Fire Mountains) with its still energetic volcano and environments akin to moon landscape.

Combining sun vacations with society adds selection, as well as the elegant Palacio Spinola was constructed in the 18th century, originally for the island’s governor. Check out on a Sunday when Teguise plays host to a range of market stalls and also musicians captivate visitors outside the plaza.

While sightseeing and tour, stop by The Green Caves, which were created by volcanic eruptions and were when used by belonging to hide from pirates and raiders.

Charco de los Clicos is an eco-friendly lagoon and also cove ideal for the whole family members – check out in the mid-day and also the water and also bordering cliffs will be shown to their finest advantage. Amble along the coastline or delight in lunch at a dining establishment in the town of El Golfo with its sea views.

Holidays are likewise about uncovering great food and also restaurants, and Lanzarote food is special and varied. If you like to example the regional offerings, numerous standard dishes favour the use of roast lamb and also beef while fish and shellfish is obviously additionally preferred; try Pescado a la Sal, a fish recipe baked in salt, or Sancocho Canario, a native stew made with potatoes and also dried fish.